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Reliable supplier for drill pipe elevator, casing elevator, drill collar elevator, tubing elevator, single joint elevator, slip type elevator, sucker rod elevator, rotary slips, casing slips, drill collar slips, safety clamps, elevator links, perfection links, DC lift adaptor, manual tong, tubing spider, hose loops, put joint, swivel joints, plug valve and check valve, all major product lines meet API Specifications and China domestic standards.

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API Products

Handling tools

Drill pipe elevator

Casing elevator

Drill collar elevator

Slip type elevator

Tubing elevator

Sucker rod elevator

Single joint elevator

Elevator links

Perfection links & Drill collar lift adaptor

Rotary slips & Casing slips & Drill collar slips

Safety clamps

Manual tongs

Pneumatic slips

Tubing Spider


Treating/Frac Iron

Circulating hose loops

Swivel joints

Pup joints

Pipe fitting

Hammer union

Plug valve

Check valve

Emergency relief valve


Other Products

Speed reducer
Jet pump and centrifugal pump
Cement head

We, Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., established from 1954, is a leading manufacturer in manual tools and frac irons in China's oil and gas industry, our products range from manual elevators, slips, safety clamps, elevator links, manual tongs, tubing spider, pneumatic slips, hose loops, swivel joints, plug valves and etc.

We have been granted API licenses since 2002 as follows: API Spec 8A, API Spec 8C, API Spec 7K, API Spec 6A, API Spec 16C, API Spec Q1 and ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS29001.

Our company covers an area of 130,000 square meters, of which 100,000 square meters are built for manufacturing. Nearly 450 employees are working within our company to focus on clients’ expectation, put attention on quality of our products, and offer service for customers.

We have several workshops respectively to produce API products, and our examination capabilities are as follows: physic-chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, acid-cyanogen analysis, load test, tension test, stress test, hydraulic test, NDT, MPI and etc. All our products are 100% tested or inspected before release.

We are registered supplier of CNPC, SINOPEC, and CNOOC, our products share 90% of domestic market; meanwhile, our products are sold to drilling company or oilfield service in USA, Canada, Columbia, Peru, Kuwait, U.A.E. Iran, India, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and etc.

We are striving to meet our customers requirement and expectation consistently, based on high quality products and top level service, we have established reputation within our customers, and we welcome customers, domestic or overseas, to visit our factory.


Company Overview

Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. workshop for DDZ drill pipe elevator, SLX casing elevator, TA tubing elevator, SLX drill collar elevator workshop for slip type elevator, sucker rod elevator, BDA tubing elevator, BD tubing elevator workshop for integral pup joints, NPS pup joints, tsi swivel joints, circulating hose loops

workshop for elevator links, perfection links, DC lift adaptor workshop for plug valves, flapper check valves, emergency relief valves, pup joints, hose loops workshop for CD drill pipe elevator, CD casing elevator, CDZ drill pipe elevator, manual tong heat-treatment for drill pipe elevator, plug valve, pup joints, swivel joints, casing elevator, tubing elevator, sucker rod elevator, flapper check valve


Our Products are in service

slip type elevators and elevator links from Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. are used in oilfield casing elevators and elevator links from Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. are used in oilfield pup joints, swivel joints and plug valves from Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. are used in oilfield hose loops, pup joints, swivel joints, plug valves and check valves from Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. are used in oilfield


The information of our products listed in this website is provided in line with API Specifications and China's National Standards, description for any product can help readers make their own decisions.

For any comments, please contact us at yrs71@163.com

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